Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kinsey: Who is the Real Fraud?

Check out this post by our own Ed Brayton about Judith Reisman and her latest hair-brained idea.

Reisman, if you do not know, is probably the most vocal critic of Alfred Kinsey. It's a mantra among many religious conservatives that Kinsey's studies are flawed, if not complete junk. I'm completely open minded to fair criticisms of Kinsey (for instance, I don't think that a full 10% of society are gay; though I'm not sure if Kinsey claimed that either).

But when you look at most (nearly all?) criticisms of Kinsey from social and religious conservatives, they inevitably seem to rely on Reisman's work as a primary source. The problem is that her work is inherently incredible. She's a complete wacko and a crank. Whatever the problems with Kinsey's work, I guarantee you the problems with her work are far worse. Criticizing Kinsey by relying on Reisman's reminds me of what Jesus said about being concerned with the mote in your neighbor's eye while ignoring the log in your own.

So how bad is Reisman's work? Check out this link that Aaron left in the comments section at Dispatches.

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