Thursday, July 07, 2005

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Thanks to Upword for linking to me more times in one post than I think anyone else ever has.

A Supreme Court Justice's view of the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses should be well-grounded in the historical understanding of the Constitution's authors that the church and the state must remain separated for the benefit of both the church and the state. Historical misrepresentations about alleged Christian foundations of our nation, such as those espoused in the benighted neo-antidisestablishmentarian dissent of Justice Scalia in McCreary, should be an outright disqualification for the job. However, a Justice should be sensible enough to realize that there needn't be an absolute firewall between church and state in cases where the government can implement legitimate policy in a way that is neutral among religious beliefs (or lack of them), such as school vouchers, some of which may go to religious schools.


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