Sunday, July 24, 2005

Major Update:

Ed Brayton, Timothy Sandefur, Jason Kuznicki, and I have agreed to do a group blog. Jason's Positive Liberty is going to be transformed into our group blog. I think the name will remain the same (I'm not entirely sure yet). I plan on continuing to post here; but I haven't yet decided whether to turn this into more of a personal blog or to cross-post everything.

I am happy for this opportunity to be formally associated with such distinguished fellows. And I am sure, because of our consolidated effort, my ideas will be disseminated to a far wider audience.

Anyway, check it out.


David Weigel said...

Oy. I popped over there and the post at the top is "Some Thoughts On Hayek". Maybe I was just hoping too much for one of your exegeses on Kansas.

Jonathan said...


One of the cool things about the site, as you will see, is that you can view all of my posts separate from the others. So if I choose not to reproduce over here, everything I post over there... just click on the link below Positive Liberty and you'll see.