Monday, June 05, 2006

Blogcast on Bird Wilson:

I'm also experimenting with MySpace because they allow you to upload videos for free. See for instance, this short video I recorded on Bird Wilson, a founding era preacher and his views on the religious faith of the key Founding Fathers.

I know you have to join MySpace in order to view the video (right?). Joining is free and easy enough.

Later, I'll post a more detailed written essay on Wilson. Also, I mention Bishop White who was one of Washington's pastors. I neglected to mention that White was Chaplain of the Continental Congress and Washington's pastor when the national capital was in Philadelphia. White and Wilson were two of the many Founding era figures who knew Washington quite well and publicly countered the revisionism that soon began to emerge after Washington's death that he was a pious Christian, when in reality, they knew he wasn't, or at least, there was no credible evidence that he was.


Karen McL said...

Hmm...have to give this a try. (But I am Bizee right now - it's on my *list*)


Jonathan said...

Looking forward to it. Do you have a webcam or will you have to buy one?