Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ephebophilia Urban Myth Take 11:

I have tackled this urban myth a number of times. Some of it stems from Mary Eberstadt’s incredibly flawed thesis in her article for the Weekly Standard, "Pedophilia Chic."

Here we see (who else) Joseph Farah from WorldNetDaily indulging in the error.

Therefore, I have a solution. Let's bring back the old-fashioned idea of banning any kind of sexual exploitation of young people by rethinking our lowered age-of-consent laws.


One more slide down the slippery slope of moral relativism and the bizarre world where right is wrong, black is white, up is down and left is right.

What world is Mr. Farah living in? What old-fashion idea? Is he talking about the South in the 1950s where Jerry Lewis, Loretta Lynn, and countless non-celebrities were involved in legal marriages where one party was an adult male, the other a 13-year-old girl? Or is he referring to the common law, which set the age of consent at 10?

In reality, there has been an upward drift of age of consent laws in this modern, post-1960s sexually liberated world.

Currently, I'm researching whether there have been any lowered age of consent laws in the last 50 years or so. Note: I'm sure there are examples of lowering the same-sex age of consent laws to be equal to that of opposite sex relations. I'm looking for an example of a state lowering their general age of consent laws.

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