Friday, August 18, 2006

You May Hate this Band...:


But the fact is, their guitarist, Steve Lukather, kicks ass.

Deal with it.


Dave L said...

Wow, cool clip there with Jeff Beck. Never heard of him before, but he can definitely jam.

Jonathan said...

Well I'm glad to have introduced him to you. Jeff Beck is the master of jams.

A little surprised that you had never heard of him before. He is a legend on the guitar.

Dave L said...

No, no, sorry, I didn't word that well; I hadn't heard of Lukather, and was referring to how cool he played on the clip with him and Beck. I've seen Jeff Beck several times; I believe the first time was long ago with Stevie Ray. Going to see Beck here in Detroit in a few weeks actually; always a good show and definitely looking forward to it.

Thanks though for introducing me to non-Top-40 Kansas. I downloaded a live show from '76 and it's been growing on me (I'm not that familiar with the songs yet). Not at all what you'd expect from the band who brought us Dust in the Wind thankfully (not that it's a bad song, but frequent radio play has pretty much killed it for me).

Jonathan said...

Oh okay. Excellent.

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