Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Not Just Gays Who Sometimes Have A Zipper Problem:

...It's also prominent members of the "Christian Nation" crowd. I'm not usually one to muck-rake, but given I spend so much time debunking the "Christian Nation" myth, and with all of the hubbub going on about Mark Foley, and with Dancing With The Stars being such a pop-culture phenomenon...I can't resist mentioning this story.

Back in June, I blogged about a representative from a "Christian Nation" group known as American Destiny appearing on Hannity and Colmes. That speaker just happened to be one Craig Schelske, who also happens to be married to country star Sara Evans of Dancing With the Stars fame, and he also happened to run for Congress as a Republican in Oregon, and he also happens to have a degree from Regent University and is buddies with Tom Delay, who sent a mass email urging his followers to "help a good friend of mine, country music singer and GOP supporter Sara Evans."

Well, Sara Evans just quit Dancing With the Stars and filed for divorce from Schelske. You've got to read to allegations to believe them:

In Sara's formal complaint, she accuses Craig of having an affair and littering their computer with pornographic pictures (including those of him having sex with other women) and personal ads soliciting sex online.

Ironically, Sara recently told us her favorite song on her latest album is called "Cheating."

"It's about some of the unfortunate things that can happen to you if you get caught cheating," she revealed.

Sara's sensational papers also claim that just two weeks ago, one of the couples's three young kids confronted Craig while he was allegedly watching an adult film.

Now, the country star has obtained a temporary restraining order against Craig, prohibiting him from physically, verbally or emotionally abusing or harassing her.

As the Family Guy sings, "Where are those good old family values on which we used to rely?"

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Tom Van Dyke said...

I took a look at their website and these guys seem to be a bunch of nobodies looking to make a lecture buck.