Monday, October 16, 2006

My Dog:

Better late than never. I promised Karen I would do a video post on my puppy Louie who is now six months old (and a handful). This is actually something I recorded for an online Business Law course that I teach.


Karen McL said...

Puppie Louie looks like he's still teething! And want to nibble yer ears off Jon - UCC provisions notwithstanding!

[Now how did we get from CUTE adoption of yer newest family member to a discussion of the UCC...only an Atty can know for sure! *wink*]


Jonathan said...

Thanks. Yes, I think we are probably going to keep him. But we considering (and still are) finding a new home for him. He has digging instincts and dug a hole in our wall downstairs.

I think we are going to solve the problem by getting a fence (which are expensive as hell).

Karen McL said...

A Fence could work...but you might consider locating a fine Local trainer who speaks *DOG* (I'm an awful fluent Doggease speaker myself...but *alas* I live too far away to be any help to you or to act as a tranlator for Louie!)