Monday, October 30, 2006

A More Structure Performance:

Last time I posted something of me playing, I promised a more "structured" performance would follow (as opposed to me just jammin'). Well, here is a popular classical guitar piece -- Recuerdos de la Alhambra -- played on electric guitar with distortion. Not sure if the distortion really works -- it might work if I could find a way to keep up the tremolo while slightly muting the strings.

When I recorded this a few weeks ago, I hadn't played it for months, or seriously practiced it for years. That's why the tempo is slower than what it should be. Also, I just played the first movement, didn't want to bore you with the whole piece.

This clip, by the way, is getting a lot more hits on Youtube than my other guitar clips. Probably because it is a very popular classical guitar piece and many search for performances by name. If you want to see how the piece really should be played, check out this clip.

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Anonymous said...

The input recording level was set too high. That's what they call "clipping", and it hurts the sound a lot in digital recording. I think a lot of it was from the sound coming through from the just the plain strings themselves being picked up on the microphone. The whole piece wouldn't have been a bore, by the way. Cheers!