Monday, December 04, 2006

Andy Kaufman's Brilliance:

"Man on the Moon" was a good movie, worth the watch. But it still disappointed me. Jim Carey is tremendously talented and did a great impression of Andy Kaufman. But he still didn't quite capture what it was that made Kaufman so funny. I'm not sure if it was his fault, the fault of the director (Milos Forman, who himself is quite good), or the fact that Kaufman's brilliance is inimitable. Needless to say, Comedy Central produced some documentaries on Kaufman that are funnier than "Man on the Moon" and truly capture what his comedic insanity was all about. The following are some clips.

Here Andy Kaufman wrestles a 327 pound woman:

And here Kaufman brilliantly taunts a Memphis, Tennessee wrestling crowd:

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