Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not a Mystery Man, but a "Possum":

I'm sorry. I have absolutely no interest in the life of Britney Spears and truly despise her genre of music. It's just when I found out whom she was dating, it brought back memories of the summer of '95. Her producer, and now apparently, her boyfriend, Jonathan Rotem was a constant fixture in the apartment I rented with two other roommates. He attended Berklee College of Music the same time I did. We knew him as "Possum" back then. In terms of personality, appearance, and demeanor, he was sort of like Screech from Saved by the Bell, only weirder. And, let's just put it this way, even though I remember that summer quite well, I doubt he would. We did know him as a great jazz pianist, though.

My friend Trevor was also friends with Possum and when our friend bassist Matt Rubano (now of Taking Back Sunday) was a freshman and asked Trevor who the great jazz players were, Possum was one of the first names he mentioned.

My one distinct memory of Possum and that summer was walking with him to Tower Records to rent Basic Instinct on video. I think it was about 3 dollars and he chipped in his one dollar, but it was on my card. I teased him and threatened to at the last minute change my mind and get something else. He told me he would go ballistic and steal something from the apartment worth at least one dollar, or something along those lines. I think he was obsessed with seeing that scene with Sharon Stone.

And now look at how Britney is behaving! Coincidence?

Anyway here is a video of the two of them.

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