Monday, December 25, 2006

More on the Bohemian Grove:

David Swindle writes to recommend a book, "Them: Adventures with Extremists" and it's by a British journalist named Jon Ronson.

In the book he tags along with various people labeled extremists -- Radical Muslims, Neo-Nazis, wild conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and David Icke, KKK leaders, etc. -- and finds that all of them share a similar view: that there is an elite group running the world, specifically, the Bilderbergers. The last chapter of the book reports on what Ronson found when he visited Bohemian Grove -- he literally walked right in. What he discovered is, unfortunately, less interesting than the conspiracy nuts would like to believe. It's a fun, humorous, quick read.

On a related note, I got two comments, here and here by people who want me to take the claims of Jones and Connor seriously. Sorry, that is something I will not do.


911truthnc said...

One only has to look at the history of the CIA and the covert wars on 3rd world nations, 50 of them, since the end of WWII. To see our leaders have no christian values when it comes to carry out US foreign policy.

Look at what we are doing to the Iraqis. In my book, only people raised with satanism values could make the decisions our so-called leaders are making. It all about money, power, and greed the same ideals supported by satanist.

I do not care who you take seriously. It is obvious you are one uninformed fool.

911truthnc said...

Albert Pike grandmaster of Freemasonry founded the KKK. I guess you consider that self-proclaimed Lucifierian a conspiracy theorist.