Monday, January 08, 2007

Crooks and Liars Link:

This is a first for me. Ed Brayton emails that they are one of the top ten blogs on the Internet. Crooks and Liars linked to my post on George Washington and Religion (via Positive Liberty).


karenmcl said...

Ah expect another 10,000 hit Bump? (or so says Blue Gal...though few folks comment.)

But it is always good to be noticed for all your FAB efforts (and your painstaking pieces refuting these Fundie-Christian Historical re-writers is WORTH the effort!)

I appreciate your hard work and *sharing* that via your blog.


Jonathan said...


Didn't get 10,000 but still got a lot.

Leo said...

Good for you. Even a "Fundie-Christian" such as me appreciates your efforts and hard work.

I use "Fundie" in the most positive sense - of course ;-)