Saturday, January 27, 2007

Since You've Been Gone:

No, not that terrible pop-song by the American Idol what's her name, but the one that rocks done by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. What's notable about this video is how Graham Bonnet is a great rock/metal singer without at all fitting the image (and unfortunately when we are talking about making it big with multi million dollar record contracts, that is something that can kill your chances). He looks like Jim Carey up there. If a rock musician is unattractive or otherwise doesn't fit the "image" they are supposed to, that probably means they are good because they have to make it in spite of all that.

I think because of the popularity of the American Idol song with the same name that some DJ has done a dance remix of this classic Rainbow song.

Here is Bonnet playing this tune with guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen who was in Bonnet's band Alcatraz. I always thought Malmsteen worked better in this band type of environment where he wasn't in charge and solely responsible for writing all the lyrics and melodies. While his solo stuff has some cool instrumental tunes like Blackstar, he also has many songs with God-awful lyrics and badly written attempts at commercial-like metal songs.

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