Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I now have the privilege of being published in a periodical that has featured the writings of, among others, a current Supreme Court Justice. You'd never guess the periodical, so I might as well be "out with it." It's First Things. No they haven't changed my libertarian politics. After one of my posts on the Founders and religion, I received an unsolicited email from one of their editors to write a "Briefly Noted" review of James H. Hutson's "The Founders on Religion: A Book of Quotations." I submitted it a while ago and they just published it in their January 2007 issue. My very small piece is not online yet, but if/when it is, I'll link to it.


Matthew Anderson said...

Congrats, Jon. I read it regularly (the online version) and hope to be published in it myself someday.

Jonathan said...


karenmcl said...

Well...I look forward to the link (when ya gets to it!)

Congrats...what FAB work and writing (see ya dont needs to *dumb it down* for idjits!) ;-)