Sunday, November 11, 2007

1/3 of Football Players Are Gay or Bisexual:

Well, not really. This study has found that more than a third of former high-school American Football said they have had sexual relations with other men. This could be another one of the many flawed studies out there. Though, it buttresses what I've previously written on this phenomenon.

Studies show that about 3-4% of the population self-identifies as gay or bisexual. And I'd imagine that these folks fall from 3-6 on the Kinsey scale, with "0" perfectly heterosexual, "3" perfectly bisexual, and "6" perfectly homosexual. We err if we then assume that the 96-7% of self-identified "heterosexual" or "normal" folks are perfectly heterosexual or Kinsey 0s. No, if you dig deep and look for heterosexual purity, I'd estimate that you'll find it in no more than 2/3 or 70% of the population.

If one defines heterosexuality or social normality according to its purity, that means that 1/3 of the population is gay or bisexual, with many more bisexuals than homosexuals, and most of these "bisexuals" fully attracted to the opposite sex, less than fully attracted to the same sex, define and understand themselves as "normal" or "straight" and live the overwhelming majority of their lives as such. It therefore seems a little awkward to place these incidental or opportunistic homosexuals in the "gay or bi" box; they certainly aren't part of the gay or bi community or social group. I think they are better understood as heterosexuals who have partook in homosexual behavior. The same way in which a man who is fully attracted to the same sex, less than fully to the opposite, and who marries and fathers children, but later comes out as "gay," (like McGreevy) is better understood as "homosexual," even though he certainly probably has some degree of bisexuality to him. How else could he perform and sire children?

I've also speculated that men who are more likely to be incidental homosexuals are the very opposite in stereotype of the effeminate gay men. These "trades" are more likely to be gruff, macho types, and also probably less likely to be refined and educated. And this may be because the more masculine men have higher levels of testosterone which corresponds with greater need for sexual release. In other words some straight guys can perform homosexually because they are in such need of release that they perform for just about anything.

Further, opportunistic homosexuality is more likely to occur in all male environments like prisons, military, and all boys schools. And what better fits this stereotype of highest testosterone levels than late teenage male football players.

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