Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Best Prog-Rock Song Ever:

Just my humble opinion. If anyone cares, the lyrics are inspired by Hermann Hesse's Narcissus and Goldmund, a book I've never read.


East Coast Libertarian said...

I think the live version on Two for the Show is simply fantastic.

Best Prog-Rock song? Not so sure off the top of my head. One that kicks a lot of butt, absolutely!

Good enough for me.

Jonathan said...

Thanks. Two for the Show is great. I still have an old tape of it and am waiting for the remaster before I buy the CD.

East Coast Libertarian said...

No problem.

I got the CD for X-Mas when I was in college. Being a stark-raving metalhead at the time, I was wondering why the hell I would have wanted it.

I'm 34 now and it I really, really like it. Kansas has grown on me over the years.

I don't listen to prog-rock that much anymore but I did listen to some of Dream Theater's stuff about 10 years ago or so.

Jonathan said...

Hey we are the same age.

Yeah -- I started listening to Kansas when I was about 15. My guitar teaches was trying to tell me about Steve Morse and I went to Kmart and got one of their old tapes way before Morse joined the band. I wondered where the "shred" guitar was and didn't like the violin. But then after listening to the album a few times it grew on me esp. Steve Walsh's voice.

East Coast Libertarian said...

I saw one of your video blogs awhile back. You looked like you're about my age. Right on the button, eh.

Great Jeff Beck clips BTW.

Good to know I found one of your posts where I could comment. The rest of it is just I can read in awe. Great stuff!!!

East Coast Libertarian said...


I meant to say that all I could do with some of the other material is read it in awe.

My bad.

Daniel said...

If you haven't read Hesse, you should sometime. He is generally a quick read (with the exception of The Glass Bead Game). I loved his writing as a high school student. On re-reading, I still enjoyed him when in my 40s.