Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Digitized Primary Sources on GW & Religion:

Google has digitized the entire volume of Bird Wilson's "Memoir of the Life of the Right Reverend William White." White was an Episcopal Bishop and presided over the church in Philadelphia George Washington attended as President. He gives key eyewitness testimony that Washington systematically avoided communion in his church. He also testifies that Washington didn't kneel when praying and kept his mouth shut on his religious specifics. His assessment is fair and balanced; he doesn't as did the minister in that church, Dr. James Abercrombie, claim this meant Washington was a Deist or not a "real Christian." But he doesn't make excuses for Washington either. Pages 188-200 reveal a number of his letters on the matter.

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Brad Hart said...


Have you read the book, "Sacred Fire?" Somebody mentioned it on my blog, but i've never heard of it. They said that the book proves Washington's orthodoxy. Since you are probably the most informed person on this issue, I though I'd ask.