Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Had a Weird Dream:

I was at a Convention to elect the President. It was a tight race and apparently electors had to decide. Obama, Clinton, or McCain (I seem to remember a few others) were virtually tied and one super-delegate held enough votes to decide the election. And then he (I think it might have been Bill Clinton) gave the votes to me and said you decide. I walked up to John McCain and said, "Thank you for what you did for your country, Mr. President." I expected to be interviewed on the media afterwards.

After that I remember hanging around Morrisville, PA (originally owned by Founder Robert Morris), next to where I live in Yardley, where the town all of a sudden had working class, Philadelphia like, row-homes (they don't) which magically transformed into a long stretch for miles of an indoor like apartment building with hallways where the uniqueness and privacy of the row-home was still preserved. I can't remember whether I was walking or driving through the hallways.

I'm still planning to vote Libertarian by the way. Rather, I see this as a prophecy.

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