Tuesday, May 17, 2005

This is Garden Grove...Not New Saigon:

Dammit. You foreign born ********!

Absolute classic. A Pat Buchanan voter gets pranked. One thing I can't figure out is whether the prankee is an older woman or a man.


Karen said...

Sounded Like the "prankee" was a young guy to me.

But more to the point...What supposed "list" was caller's name to be added? The Beldar Conehead list for those "exempt" when his alien culture takes over the planet?

Or does it really matter? LOL

Bill Ware said...

Having lived in Saigon, I'd say it was a man about 35-45. Voices there are of higher pitch since their voice boxes are smaller, so adults sound like adolesence. Even men are not particularly assertive, more concillatory, and women are more to be seen and not heard except with family.

Jonathan said...

Thanks Bill.

But they voice that we are trying to figure out is that of the prankee who is a white person.

Also the pranker -- I'm not sure what his race is -- he could be Asian as far as I'm concerned.

It's interesting that you were in Vietnam. My partner is not only Vietnamese but Amer-Asian. His father was a pilot in the American Air Force. And unfortunately, he has no freakin' clue who he is.

Hieu (my partner) came to America via an Asylum Act that granted all Amer-Asian children of the Vietnamese War Asylum here.

Jonathan said...

I've never been to Vietnam. But it's amazing how well received Americans are over there and how, like China, they've embraced Capitalist reforms, even though alas (and again, like China), the greater economic freedom has not come with political freedom.

Jonathan said...

"Sounded Like the 'prankee' was a young guy to me."

Don't you mean the "pranker" -- the person making the phone call. I think that's what both you and Bill are referring to.

I want to know the gender of the person getting the phone call, the person whom I jokingly refer to as the "Pat Buchanan voter."

Dong Nguyen said...

I actually happen to know everything about this call - having been the guy who made the call.

The guy I called was a middle aged guy of medium build and a kind of high voice. However, this was originally recorded on a cassette which was obviously sped up by somebody's machine along the way. So, both voices sound higher than they were.

Me: I'm a white guy who knew something pretty mean that guy had done which lead me to irritate him a little more. I never, in any of my pranks, tried to ridicule the character I was doing. It was always calculated to push "bigot buttons". And, I guess it did. Still makes me laugh though.

To answer one poster's question, "the list" was just another attempt to touch his paranoia about the growing Southeast Asian population in our area. Of course, stupid people will always be afraid of "new and different", but INMHO the area has been improved and inriched by the changes.

Take Care

"Dong Nguyen"