Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Torturing Sandefur:

Wow, I think this is the first time that I've ever seen the words "totally suck" and "Rush" used together.

It would be fun to torture Sandefur in this way: Strap him down, A Clockwork Orange Style, pry his eyelids open, and force him to watch and listen to my Progressive Rock DVD collection. I'd especially like to get a copy [this DVD has not been made, as far as I know] of Rick Wakeman's The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table ( 1975) when he performed it at "Wembley's Empire Pool with a full orchestra and choir and a cast of more than one hundred ice skaters performing around a giant castle...built in the centre of the ice rink!"


TMS said...

You are a fine blogger, Rowe, and a good thinker. But you have the worst musical taste of any non-conservative I have ever known. Hey, just sayin'.

Jonathan said...

Aside from prog. rock, our tastes probably aren't that much different.

I like most forms of rock/blues except American Idol style pop crap.

In terms of straightforward simple music I'm more of an AC-DC or Neil Young guy than a Creedence guy.