Friday, February 22, 2008

80s videos:

Dio's "Last in Line" is so early 1980s. The kid in the video is Punky Brewster's older half-brother and was type cast as an awkward latch-key/orphan/foster/problem child in all sorts of late 70s and early 80s TV shows and after school specials.

Great song though.

The song and the video for Rush's "Subdivisions" typifies early 80s teen angst or anomie, living in a suburban subdivision.

I can't resist this one as it involves my favorite rock singer. "Streets" was Steve Walsh's post Kansas early 80s band which was a commercial flop. Quite an amusing video from a guy with one of the best voices and bodies in rock. Walsh was notable for incorporating the "fitness" motiff into his "image."

I think George Wendt is in this video.

It's weird. I was born in '73, so I was quite young, but still vividly remember the early 80s. Watching videos like these brings you back.


The Rowdy One said...

Regarding the Rush video ... just today I was listening to the 80s station on SIRIUS and they played the hilarious "song" Take Off by Bob & Doug McKenzie.

I hadn't heard it in probably 20 years, but for the first time ever I placed the voice of the whole person who actually signs during the song -- fellow Canadian Getty Lee. Maybe I'm the last person to firgure this out, but Lee's soaring vocals made the song all the more funny to me.

Jonathan said...

I think that was from the movie "Strange Brew."