Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Music:

First Ed Brayton sends along a link to Deep Purple with Steve Morse on guitar playing Perfect Strangers:

Second, not an actual song but a demo of a really cool synth, the Moog Taurus, a foot pedal bass synth. Moogs were analog synths, commonly used in the 70s, the originals were monophonic (meaning you could only play one note at a time) and in my opinion still sound better than any digital synth of today. This model was often used by bands whose bass players would switch to keys like Led Zeppelin and Rush, or whose bass players would sometimes play guitar like Genesis. Again, you play this with your feet. I gotta get me one of these.

And third, speaking of Moog synths (they used 'em) and Steve Morse (he played with 'em too, but not on what follows) here is a newly discovered 1976 Kansas recording Icarus, Borne on Wings of Steel.

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