Sunday, February 10, 2008

Check Out This New Blog:

I know my Dad regularly reads my blog. Other than that, not too many of the people I know in my personal life regularly read my work, even though most are familiar with it (I think sometimes they get lost in the details; though when I tell them I published an article or got a link from a notable academic or media personality, they seem impressed). One friend from law school, and with whom I've recently hung out in the past few years, is Jay, a small business owner in York, PA (he owns WOW, check out the blog and you'll know what I mean). A computer wiz, Jay has helped a talk-radio host from York, PA design this blog. I'm sure they would appreciate any feedback on the content or format from veteran blog readers.


Jay said...

I love your blog and I know at least two other lurkers from here in central PA, so don't imagine for a minute that your words are disappearing into the ether.

Thanks for the shout-out and I'd love to hear thoughts and even criticism from you old hands at blogging.

Jonathan said...

Many thanks Jay.