Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Music:

I still pretty much loath American Idol pop music. Danny Noriega's got a great voice, in my opinion, but will waste it on bad music. He sounds kind of like Eric Martin (of Mr. Big, who likewise sung a lot of songs for which I didn't particularly care, but has a great voice) but more androgynous.

He should be singing either prog rock ala Steve Walsh, Geddy Lee, Jon Anderson, or metal ala Dio, Geoff Tate, Klaus Meine, Bruce Dickinson or at least AOR type of hard rock like Eric Martin, Steve Perry, Dennis De Young, or Brad Delp. Speaking of which, Mickey Thomas, of Jefferson Starship I thought had a great high rock voice:

Here he is with metal guitarist Marty Friedman on a Queen tribute doing Play the Game:

Here is Martin/Mr. Big doing a good song (because it's a Steve Mariott cover):

But ultimately if one has a high piercing voice the following is the type of music one ought to be singing not American Idol style pop-crap.

And to tie things up with Dio & American Idol, here is the man on the issue:

Were I the producer of AI, I would make every single contestant sing the Dio song of his or her choice. It could be from any of his bands: Dio, Sabbath, Rainbow, Elf, etc., but they'd have to sing some real music.

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Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

"American Idol" is nothing but a glorification/rubber-stamping of mainstream pop sensibilities. Nothing even remotely resembling creativity would be accepted amongst that rubble. And, no, introducing elements of an industrial rock that you've alluded to, that ain't gonna fix it, either, me-buck-o. At least it wouldn't for me.