Tuesday, March 15, 2005

How the Hate America Lefties Made Larry Hate America:

There are some members of the social right who hate America as much as certain radical leftists and radical Muslims hate America.

From paleo-con Lawrence Auster:

There's a movement afoot by "transgendered" people to require that public restrooms be unisex, or "gender neutral," in order that transgendered people and transvestites will not feel out of place or endangered, as they say they now feel when using either a men's room or a women's room. The unisex restroom movement started of course in the elite colleges, but now it is spreading out to the whole society.

Radio host Bob Grant, in his depressed moments, says he's ready for an asteroid to come and destroy the earth. Can one disagree with him? And how, seeing how depraved our society is becoming, can we be shocked at Moslems wanting to kill us?

Maybe that last thought provides the key to the leftist agenda. Leftists want to make us so hateful to ourselves that we will no longer want to live or defend ourselves from our enemies. To put it another way, the left hates America. But they're aware that not everyone shares their hate for America. So, to complete their devilish project, they set about making America so hateful that everyone will hate her.

So Auster's pretty much admitting that he hates America, but blaming his hatred on leftists. Nice.

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