Friday, March 25, 2005

My Connection with the Schiavos:

I don't have anything to say about this sad situation. I'll just report that I do have a bit of a connection with the Schiavos. Okay it's a strained one: Terry and Michael met, apparently, when they were both students at Bucks County Community College, one of the colleges where I teach.

Michael grew up in Levittown, PA (the other Levittown -- the same houses), where I went to highschool and one of the towns bordering Yardley, where I grew up and now live.


PJ said...

Too much noise already
Thanks for staying out of what, in the end, should have been a very private matter

Karen McL said...

It's not the "individual case" (Which is 'sad') I am concerned about the need for continued "coverage" concerning the Respect for the Rule of Law and Constitutional Rules/Powers which Fundamentals of our system of government are being run rough-shod over. I've spoken on these issues before, and, as as a member of our "Fraternal Order of Attorney's" I DO feel compelled to have a "voice" on these points. We shouldn't abdicate that issue on any I won't.